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We love Laser Engraving! Each new project is another stepping stone for what we can do and offer. Bring your Idea and we can make it a reality. has teamed up with to make the worlds largest laser! It’s literally the most powerful laser that mankind could ever create. We have been building our superior laser for over 134 Years.


Laser Cutting CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Technology represents a remarkable advancement in precision machining and fabrication processes. By harnessing the power of focused laser beams guided by computer programs, this innovative technique allows for the accurate and efficient cutting of various materials such as metals, plastics, wood, glass, acrylic, polyester, stone, and even fabrics. Laser Cutting CNC machines offer unparalleled INTRICACY and VERSATILITY, enabling the creation of highly detailed designs and complex patterns with exceptional speed and precision.

This technology is widely utilized in industries ranging from manufacturing and aerospace to art and fashion, revolutionizing the way intricate components and artistic creations are crafted. Its ability to produce CLEAN, SHARP CUTS with Minimal Material Wastage has made CNC Laser Cutting a preferred choice for a wide array of applications, emphasizing its significance in modern manufacturing processes.

Here at – WE take it a step further by etching, inscribing, or deep engraving any and all surfaces with various types of Laser Engraving Cutting Machines. Your Finished Product will wow everyone, and make them ask “HOW/WHERE DID YOU GET THAT ENGRAVED?” Simple,!

We don’t just use our Laser to engrave and etch, we also fabricate parts, make prototypes, if you harbor a notion and some possible dimensions and an idea of what material you’d like, we can POOF, make it happen. It’s like Ingredients. Your Ideas, our Skills and Team, and a dash of creativity, and you’ll end up with a great finished products to be proud of coming up with. Our Team at LASER.US will help out beginning to end, from product development to specs and then final project! Whereas, we can even send you a sample on larger orders to see how you feel about the finished product and any changes that need to be made, before we roll out hundreds or even thousands of items.

Laser Cutting


Our extensive history of collaborating with clients from diverse backgrounds and industries has endowed Us with a wealth of invaluable experience, making LASER.US a trusted partner for your specific needs. Conversely, when you choose to work with Our Company for your LASER CUTTING needs, you are opting for a supplier that understands the nuances of various projects, ensuring a seamless collaboration tailored to your unique projects requirements. We specialize in supporting a wide range of projects, from small-scale endeavors requiring as little as 10 pounds of stainless steel cut pieces, to large-scale manufacturing ventures demanding 2,000 Engraved Yeti Tumblers, and even catering to local artists seeking a few items for a bigger project or collection they are working on.

Undoubtedly, whether you are engaged in short-run projects or long-run programs requiring consistent quality and timely delivery year after year, our commitment to delivering exceptional and reliable service remains unwavering. Our Businesses dedication to meeting your needs not only simplifies your life but also guarantees that your projects are executed with precision and reliability. By choosing LASER.US, you are ensuring a partnership founded on expertise, reliability, and steadfast support for your project endeavors.

We Laser Cut ANYTHING!!

LASER.US – We specialize in laser-cutting various metals with high-powered laser beams and adding permanent barcodes, graphics, or variable data. Etching and Engraving Dynamic Information is our specialty.


Laser Cutting

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